Top Notch tactics to apply after a motorcycle accident

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We hate to even bring it up because we’re not the type to dwell on negative things, but motorcycle accidents do happen from time to time. Hopefully, they are not too serious, and do no result in any injury—but more than likely, any accident, even a relatively low-speed accident, is going to result in damage to your bike. In this guide, we’ll share some tips for what to do in the unfortunate event of getting into a motorcycle accident, and how to find the right provider of motorcycle repair in diamond bar, CA to get your bike up and running and back on the road again.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Call 911—get medical help if needed

Even if no one is hurt, and everyone at the scene is calm, it’s important to call the police. You’ll want to be able to get a copy of the report they file as evidence for your insurance company, or for any legal action you might decide to take. The police can help sort out blame, and help get all the required information your insurance company is going to need later to file the claim. Also, the police are trained in trauma medicine, meaning that they’re highly adept at recognizing the signs of trauma. So, even if you don’t realize you’ve got a problem—some internal injury, for example—after an accident, the police will probably be able to catch it and get you help before the problem escalates.

Take pictures of the accident

You’ll want to make sure to get abundant documentation of the wreck. Much of the evidence in any accident is lost as soon as the two parties leave the scene. To guarantee you get the fairest deal from your insurance (and from theirs, if they were at fault), you should try to gather as much documentation as possible. Even securing the names and contact information of witnesses can be useful, should you need to use the legal system to receive fair compensation.

Talk to your insurance company

Most insurance companies these days let you begin the claims process through a phone app. We think these new apps are nifty. Just upload some pictures from your accident to get started, and you’ll use the same interface to upload other documentation as you get it (like the police report, for example). Your claims adjuster will be able to walk you step by step through the process, and will likely even help you find a motorcycle repair shop for your bike.

Repair your bike

The point of good insurance is to be able to get your bike as good as new should you have any problem or accident. If you’ve followed the above steps, there’s no reason you should not be able to breathe new life into your bike. It’s worth noting that in severe accidents where you go to court to seek damages, your lawyer may advise you to wait until after the trial to fix your bike. Certainly take this under advisement. In the vast majority of cases, though, things will be much simpler, and your goal should be to seek motorcycle repair in diamond bar, CA  and get back on the road as soon as possible. Look for a shop your insurance trusts. The more experience they have on staff, the better.

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