Auto Body Repair Services in Pomona, Walnut, Diamond Bar, West Covina, Los Angeles, Yorba Linda

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In addition to auto body repairs, Pete’s Auto Body is also your premier provider of minor repair and restoration services. Our abilities transcend bodywork and auto glass, encompassing things like motorcycle repair and auto detailing in Walnut, CA.

Additional Auto body repair services we’re proud to provide include:

  • Airbag repair and service:
    If your airbag deploys during an accident, you’ll need to have someone reset it and ensure it’s working properly for the future. Trust our team for this crucial task.
  • Alignment repair:
    Frame issues and collision damages can disorient your alignment. Trust our shop to measure it and set it back to the true center for you.
  • Anti-lock brake service and repair:
    Brakes damaged in a collision? We test and repair your anti-lock brakes to ensure they’re roadworthy once again.
  • Auto detailing:
    From paint touch-ups to upholstery cleaning and beyond, we detail your auto to perfection, to keep it looking great for as long as you own it.
  • Boat repair:
    Cars aren’t our only area of expertise when it comes to repairs! Thanks to our familiarity with fiberglass repair, we’re also the premier local provider of boat repair in Walnut, CA. Come to us for repairs and put your watercraft in good hands.

  • Motorcycle repair:
    If you prefer two wheels instead of four, trust our motorcycle repair shop in Walnut, CA for repairs. We take the utmost care when providing repairs to your motorcycle and can get it back to the full working condition in no time at all.
  • Towing service:
    Broken down on the side of the road? Accident leave you with a vehicle that’s not able to be driven? Call us for a tow and we’ll make sure your vehicle gets back to our shop safely.
  • Insurance filing:
    Insurance claims can be hard to navigate and tricky to file. We’re able to help you in expediting your claim by working directly with your insurance company.
  • Pick-up and delivery:
    Don’t have time to bring your vehicle in or pick it up after it has received service? No problem! Ask us about our pick-up and delivery services and how we can work around your schedule.



Motorcycle and Boat Repair in Walnut, Los Angeles, Pomona, Diamond Bar and Yorba Linda

Pete’s Auto Body is a full motorcycle repair and boat repair service shop in Walnut. We also do insurance estimates and work with most major insurance companies. Towing and delivery services are available for Los Angeles, Diamond Bar, Covina, and Pomona areas. We provide just about all motorcycle and boat repairs needed. 

General motorcycle repair and maintenance includes getting the oil changed checking the tensions on and lubing the chain. Our service technicians perform routine tasks, such as replacing spark plugs or changing the oil. They also repair engines and transmissions, and perform minor repairs to the body, such as removing dents. 

Motorcycle repair and service intervals vary between brands and even between different models from the same manufacturer, there are several routine maintenance checks that motorcycles require. Not preforming basic maintenance so can lead to problems down the road that may leave you stranded.

Here are some basic motorcycle repairs and services that should be scheduled at Pete’s Auto Body in Walnut Near Pomona and Diamond Bar.

Oil changes:

Old oil can lose its lubrication properties over time and will be less effective lubricating your engine. Your engine could overheat or ultimately seize.

Basic chain maintenance:

A loud or noisy chain is evidence that the chain and it need to be replaced. A too loose, too tight, or unlubricated chain is at risk of breaking. It is extremely dangerous if your chain breaks while in the bike is in motion, it will and bring you to an abrupt stop. 

Tire pressure check:

Check the tires on your motorcycle before every ride. Pay attention for any deformities or cracking along the sidewalls or on the tread. Some manufacturers add wear bars  across the tire tread. When the wear bars align with the tread, you should replace your tires. You can also place a penny in the tread and check how far Abraham Lincoln’s head is submerged. If it isn’t, then you still life on the tires.

Getting your carburetor tuned:

You should get the carburetor tuned every two years. It is always recommended to have your carburetor tuned by a professional who will have special tools and will be able to do it right the first time.

Flushing out the cooling system of your motorcycle 

This should be done about every two years. You can do this while the carbs are getting tuned since their service intervals are the same. The purpose of the engine’s cooling system is to remove excess heat, allowing the engine to operate at its most efficient temperature. 

A cooling system is necessary in an internal combustion engine. The cooling system keep parts from melting from the heat of the burning fuel, pistons would expand so much they could not move in the cylinders, or “seize”. Sludge and deposits would build up and clog passageways inside your cooling system.

To inquire about any of the services listed above or for more information about how we’re able to assist you in repairing and caring for your car, boat or motorcycle, please contact our team today at 909-594-8776.


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