What to Do After a Car Accident

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Being involved in a car accident is a scary and jarring experience. It can be very stressful. How prepared are you to handle yourself and the situation following an accident? Here are some tips from an auto paint shop in Walnut, CA to help you take action after a car accident:

what to do after car accident
  • Move safely out of the road: If you are not seriously injured and the area provides safe passage, move your vehicle out of the way of traffic. This could mean simply pulling over to the shoulder, or having to navigate over a few lanes to a nearby parking lot. In the event that you cannot move your car, engage your hazard lights as a warning to other drivers that your vehicle is stopped.
  • Stop your vehicle, breathe and get out: Whether you are staying put where the accident occurred or have moved to a safe area, after your car is no longer moving, turn off the engine, park it and turn on your hazard lights, if necessary. Stay seated and take a breath (or scream for a minute with your windows up), and then make sure the coast is clear before opening your door and exiting the vehicle. Consider using road flares or other safety items you have in the trunk.
  • Check on everyone involved: The first thing you should ask your passengers and other parties involved is, “Are you okay?” Don’t start shouting blame immediately—call 911 if anyone is hurt, whether they are experiencing minor dizziness or are more severely injured.
  • Gather information: For your sake, write down as much information as possible right there at the accident scene. This includes the names of passengers and the other drivers, pedestrians or business owners involved, license plate numbers, vehicle makes and models, insurance info, contact info of eyewitnesses, name and badge numbers of police officers and the exact location of the accident. You will need this info to give to your insurance company, the police and maybe even a lawyer.
  • Take photos: After you gather information about the scene, use your smartphone or camera to document the accident scene to have visual proof. Take pictures of the vehicles, the damage, street and surrounding area. Photos come in handy during the claims process, and you may be able to upload photos when filing your insurance claim.
  • Call the police: Calling the police to the scene and filing a report can work in your favor when dealing with other parties and your car insurance company. Be cooperative and don’t lose your cool while you’re still at the scene. Don’t point fingers or admit fault—leave that to the police.
  • Contact your insurance company: Even if you submit a police report or the police come out to the scene, you will still need to contact your car insurance company and file a claim after the accident. Call the phone number on your insurance card for assistance.

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