Your Guide to Paintless Dent Removal

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Getting a dent or scratch on your car means it’s time to get repairs. You may even be wondering where to start and what the process entails for the dent and scratch repair in Walnut, CA. Don’t worry the team at Pete’s Auto body has you covered for Walnut Dent Removal. We know exactly what to do and will guide you through the process.

Learn What Paintless Dent Repair Is

To keep things simple, paintless dent repair (PDR) is the process of removing dents and scratches from the outer shell of a car. It is best to consider PDR when you have hail damage, door dings, large dents, bodyline damage, and minor creases.

At Pete’s Autobody, you will have an experienced technician provide the dent and scratch repair to your vehicle. They will use specialized tools that will massage out the dents from the inside of a car’s body. The end results are determined by how experienced your tech is, the location of the dent, its size, to what extent the metal has been stretched, and flexibility of the manufacturer’s paint job.

Even so, it is still a faster process than repainting a vehicle any day. A PDR can be completed by a tech within one to three hours and they usually come to you compared to you having to wait four to six days for repairs by a traditional body shop. It is also significantly cheaper by about 60%.

Is Performing PDR Difficult?

With any skill you have to put in time and effort to be great at it, paintless removal is no different. For Walnut Dent Removal, we always recommend you have a professional to complete the repairs to your satisfaction.

With that being said, it is possible to do it yourself with the correct tools. Getting dents properly removed from your car involves getting the special metal rods and body picks to push out dents from the underside of the body panel. It’s easier said than done because you can’t place your hand behind the panel you need to work with.

There are many liners and multiple panes that may need to be removed before you can get to the working surface. On top of that, PDR is a unique skill that requires fine-tuning meaning that it is easy to push too hard and make the dents worse or even crack the paint.

What Do We Use For PDR?

There is a huge arsenal of tools needed to successfully complete the PDR job. Our “Pro” kits include wire tools, window tools, door hooks, various shape and length rods, black beauties, flat bars, whale tails, and tweakers. You will also see technicians use light readers for accurate dent readings, glue pulling kits, and LED lamps. Every job we do requires multiple tools and it’s not the same for every case. Still, our most common tool used is the long metal rods to gently push the metal back into place. The tools can get expensive and the average driver would be better off paying for the service rather than trying to do it themselves.

Pete’s Autobody has been a proud provider of Walnut Dent Removal since 1991. We’re happy to provide comprehensive services to all of our clients to make sure their vehicle is in pristine condition. Learn more about the different services we offer by calling one of our friendly representatives now.

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