March 28, 2018

This 1 was of the greatest places I’ve come across.

"This 1 was of the greatest places I've come across. I crashed my car and found Pete's auto body on Google. I called and he gave me a estimate that was much lower than anywhere let alone giving me me an estimate without my car actually being there. After towing my car there, he gave me a suggestion to go to pick a part to get all the parts for cheaper then having him order the parts. This ended up saving me roughly 1000 dollars. Then he agreed to put everything on and paint the necessary parts. When I visited him again he painted the hood I got and touched up other chipped areas without charge. I'm very thankful that he was able to help restore my car back to new and i will definitely be coming back in the future if i ever do get in an accident (hopefully not) again!"
February 15, 2018

Thanks again for the great service.

"I would like to think Pete from Pete's auto body. They did a fantastic job on my collision repair.Pete said it would take five days and he delivered.Thanks again for the great service, I will recommend you to everyone."
February 2, 2018

Simply Astounded at what Pete had done!

"I recently had my 18 year old pick-up truck painted by Pete. It was in pretty bad shape when I brought it over to him, having been parked outside on my driveway the whole time. When I got it back I was simply astounded at what Pete had done! The attention to detail, the colors and the patience he had to have had, to turn this old truck into something that looked like it just rolled out of the factory, was astounding! In fact, I think Pete did a better paint job on it than the factory! I definitely would recommend Pete's Auto Body to anyone!"
January 22, 2018

Pete’s has always taken care of me!

"I have used Pete's Auto Body in the past for accident repairs. Pete's has always taken care of me. Tonight I had an emergency repair on the door locking mechanism on my 2008 Honda Accord. It wouldn't lock! I called Pete at 4:45pm and asked him to take a look at it for me because I didn't want to park my car in my new neighborhood without being able to lock it. Pete told me to bring it by and he would have his guys look at it for me. Sure enough my locking mechanism for my doors was no good. Pete's guys remembered they had the same part that I needed laying in their parts area. The guy ran over to his parts area to find the part. As I sat in my car answering emails and working he worked on my car feverishly, as if he was working on his own car, and repaired the door with a replacement part. Best part of this service is now I can go home, sleep well tonight knowing my car will lock and not have to worry that door will not lock. The guys stayed and worked on my car rather then just sending me away until tomorrow. It was closing time. They could have just left to go home but they didn't. I'll keep recommending Pete's Auto Body to my friends and family as I have in the past. Thanks guys at Pete's. You're the best! I need to buy you guys pizza for lunch tomorrow..."
January 6, 2018

The service and quality of work is fantastic!

"Every time I go to Pete's autobody the service and the quality of work is fantastic .I recommend everybody who needs body work to try Pete's autobody. Just picked up my car again from Pete's autobody, another fantastic job and on time.Thank you again Pete,you're the best."