What Is Paintless Dent Removal in Walnut, CA?

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Dent Removal

If you need a dent removed from your vehicle, there will be several options available to you. However, if you are in need of a cost-efficient method that is effective, able to be done quickly and likely to help your car once again look like it did before the damage occurred, then paintless dent removal in Walnut, CA is for you.

The paintless dent removal process

The paintless dent removal process involves several steps. First, using specialized tools such as metal rods and body picks, the dent is slowly pushed outwards from underneath the panel on the back of the dent. In many cases, the paintless dent repair job is done so seamlessly that the finish is restored to its pre-damaged condition, and there is no need to grind the paint off for a new paint job. If this additional painting and filling are not necessary, you won’t have to worry about a finish with colors that don’t match, because you will be able to drive away with your original paint job intact.

The technicians sometimes use fluorescent or LED lighting while they work to ensure that the metal of the panel is raised to just the right spot and that high spots are not created. These high spots have to be removed in order to avoid splitting or cracking in the paint job. The technicians can either blend these spots in with the texture of the paint or can tap them down until they are level. Most factory paints that are used on cars today are flexible and are not harmed by this process, so paintless dent removal is safe for your car as well.

Push to paint

There are instances in which a new paint job will be necessary, and paintless dent repair is also one of the best ways to prepare your car for that step. Push to paint, as the technique is commonly called, utilizes the same process to push the dents out so that minimal fillers are needed when it is time to paint your car. Although it can be difficult to match a factory paint job exactly, the process includes blending the new color into the adjacent panels. This helps to mask any color differences that do exist to the fullest extent possible, which allows the repair shop to create a smooth and uniform paint job.

The paintless dent removal process is extremely effective, and many minor jobs can be finished in less than an hour. In addition to saving time, you will also be able to save on labor costs, and your entire repair will end up costing you less than traditional dent removal. If you have a dent that resulted from a minor ding or a recent storm, contact us at Pete’s Auto Body to learn more about paintless dent removal in Walnut, CA today. We have served as the premier auto body shop in the area for more than 25 years, and we are eager to help restore your car so that you can ride around in style once again. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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