Five Things to Know About Fiberglass Boat Repair

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Repairing a fiberglass boat can be tricky, especially if you want your repairs to last over the long term. Throughout our 26 years performing boat repair and fiberglass repair in Walnut, CA, we’ve learned some really simple rules of thumb that anyone should be able to follow to perform basic repairs that last. In this guide, we will share some basic insights into the process, and teach you the five things you should know about fiberglass boat repair before you repair your boat.


There are structural problems and there are purely cosmetic problems

Not every type of problem is structural. A cosmetic issue is generally a hole, crack or tear in your fiberglass that only affects the interior or exterior of your boat, but that does not go all the way through. A hole all the way through your hull, on the other hand, would be considered a structural problem.

Repairs need to be well bonded or they will create structural weaknesses

Let’s say you’re patching a small cosmetic problem. You need to make sure to go slowly so that everything is well bonded, or you’ll create a structural weakness that will actually exacerbate itself over time. If you clean the area to be patched first, and use a high-quality patch and good resin, your work should last for a long time. If you cut corners, you will only create problems.

The larger the surface area of the repair, the stronger the repair

If you’ve got a structural problem to fix, even if it is a small hole, you might be better off removing a larger area of fiberglass and replacing it (though this is work that usually requires a professional). The larger the surface area of the repaired piece, the greater structural integrity the repair will actually have in and of itself.

Get manufacturer parts if you can

You want the material you patch your boat with to match the material of the boat as closely as possible. Small differences in the materials create big differences in the way that your boat handles the water, and the way your boat reacts to the freeze-thaw cycle each year.

The quality of the resin you use is just as important as the quality of the fiberglass

It cannot be overstated that, when performing a patch or fiberglass repair yourself, you should use only the top-quality fiberglass patches and resin. Do not use old resin, as it will not cure properly. If you’re going to only splurge for the best of one of the two, we suggest you splurge for the best resin, as it is crucial to maintaining the water-tightness of your repair.

Call for boat repair in Walnut CA

Remember, if you take care of your boat, it will take care of you. That’s why it’s so important to repair small problems in your boat before they become large ones! If you can manage to do this, your boat should give you years and years of fun, adventure and fond memories with your friends and family. If you have a fiberglass boat in need of boat repair, please give us a call today at Pete’s Auto Body. We have a world of experience in fiberglass repair in Walnut, CA and are known for our fair prices and quick, high-quality work. Give us a call today for your free quote!

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