What’s the Difference Between Wax and Polish?

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Maintaining the shine of your car is a top priority after a fresh car wash and auto detailing in Walnut, CA. There’s no better way to leave a car looking great than with a polish or wax—but which approach is better? Many car owners aren’t sure which method is better for their car needs, while others might be wondering whether there is a difference between the two in the first place.

The two products have incredibly different roles when it comes to keeping your car looking its best. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between wax and polish.

Car wax

Car wax is designed to protect the paint coating on a car. The wax leaves a protective layer on top of the exterior coat of paint after just one application. A single coat will also help the paint shine. Most waxes are formulated with UV inhibitors to provide additional protection from the sun’s rays; this has been known to reduce fading. A thin layer of wax should be applied after washing the car and before buffing away any excess product with a clean towel. Even the best car wax won’t be able to revitalize a dull or oxidized car. Additionally, the benefits will only last as long as the wax coating. The wax will need to be reapplied frequently for optimal shine, especially in warmer climates where the wax will melt when in direct sunlight.

Car polish

Trying to hide a scratch on the passenger door? Then car polish is the perfect solution for you. Car polish will help restore surface scratches and spotting, while also revitalizing a car that has become dull from oxidization or dirt. The polish needs to be applied with a power polisher or buffer to remove the finer layer of paintwork. Then, the polish can settle into the depths of the scratches to minimize their appearance. Polish can last for up to one year when properly maintained. Unfortunately, a coat of polish doesn’t offer any extra protection against the sun.

Which one is better?

Actually, both car polish and wax are important products to use during auto detailing in Walnut, CA. The polish should be used before the wax for the best finished look. Opting not to wax the surface after polishing can make it more vulnerable to damage. We recommend washing the car and allowing it to completely dry before applying the polish. Then, finish it off with a coat of wax. You should limit waxing to just once or twice per year because of the abrasive compounds within the product.

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