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Pete’s Auto Body Offers Premium Repair Services

May 26, 2020 Published by

What We Offer You Pete’s Auto Body provides the best auto body repair services in Walnut. A vehicle is one of your biggest expenses so it’s important that is not only functional but continues to remain in pristine condition. Using high-quality parts that come at affordable prices, we are ready to offer you top-notch maintenance in auto painting, dent removal, and more! You’ll get nothing short of Five-Star repair service! Whether it’s frame straightening, glass replacement, or auto body repair, we are there for you regardless of the vehicle’s make or model. Our experienced crew have repaired cars of all... View Article

What You Need in Your Emergency Car Kit

September 5, 2018 Published by

You probably have a first aid kit in your bathroom or kitchen at home. When you travel, you probably pack a miniature version of this in your luggage. But what about your vehicle? Are you prepared with an emergency car kit? Your auto body repair shop in Walnut, CA offers the following tips to put this kit together. Having these items with you can prevent minor inconveniences from turning into major challenges. Before you hit the road, gather this gear: Canvas bag: This is ideal to store the majority of the equipment that makes up your emergency car kit. It... View Article

When Does Your Vehicle Need an Alignment?

June 6, 2018 Published by

So, you’re taking your car in for auto body repair services in West Covina You know it needs quite a bit of work, but does it need an alignment? How can you tell? There are several common indicators that your tires need an alignment. Look for the following signs that it’s time to realign: Uneven tread wear: Inspect the tread on your tires. If the tires are properly aligned, the tread wear should occur in a typical, even pattern. If you notice this is not the case, your vehicle probably needs an alignment. Consult with a technician for auto body... View Article

Interstate 10 Freeway Project Continues to Disrupt Travel in Walnut, CA

May 4, 2018 Published by

The San Bernardino Freeway (commonly known as I-10) has long been the source of significant amounts of congestion, particularly during rush hours. In an attempt to resolve this problem, the state of California is adding carpool lanes in each direction of the freeway between the San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) and Orange Freeway (SR-57). As part of the construction, Caltrans is also widening bridges, realigning ramps and building soundwalls and retaining walls. The project has been under construction in various areas since 2013. The third segment of the project began construction in April 2016, and involves building an HOV lane... View Article

What to Do After a Car Accident

April 3, 2018 Published by

Being involved in a car accident is a scary and jarring experience. It can be very stressful. How prepared are you to handle yourself and the situation following an accident? Here are some tips from an auto paint shop in Walnut, CA to help you take action after a car accident: Move safely out of the road: If you are not seriously injured and the area provides safe passage, move your vehicle out of the way of traffic. This could mean simply pulling over to the shoulder, or having to navigate over a few lanes to a nearby parking lot.... View Article