Do I Have to Use the Auto Body Shop in Walnut, CA That My Insurance Company Recommends?

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Getting in a car accident presents a very stressful situation, and this anxiety is sometimes intensified when you prepare to undertake the insurance claim process. What many drivers might not know though, is that this process doesn’t have to be difficult at all, and can, in fact, go quite smoothly on your own terms. Let’s take a look at some of the misconceptions about the insurance claims process that in actuality may give you more freedom than you might believe.

Preparing the preliminary quote

The very first thing the insurance company will do is send out a claims adjuster to inspect your car. This claims adjuster is tasked with evaluating the damage to your vehicle, and determine if it will be more beneficial to repair or replace your car. In order to do this, the adjuster might have to prepare a preliminary quote to establish a financial basis for whether the car is worth repairing or will be a total loss. They will also take note of any previous damage and will adjust the repair costs accordingly. Although the adjuster prepares this quote, they are not responsible for creating the final budget for repairs. Once the adjuster has completed this process, the next step will be getting your car to an auto body shop in Walnut, CA.

Selecting a repair shop

It is important to know that you are not required to select an auto body repair shop off of your insurance company’s preferred list, and can, in fact, choose any shop that you feel most comfortable working with. Typically, your insurance company has already negotiated terms with the shops on their list, which would conceivably remove some of the hassles out of the process for you. But if your preferred auto body shop in Walnut, CA is willing to deal directly with the insurance company to handle your claim, this scenario would be hassle-free for you as well, and likely a more comfortable option.

If the insurance company sends you a check before you have actually received an estimate for your repairs, the rest of the claim can be handled one of two ways. If the amount of your check exceeds the cost of the repairs, you will be able to keep the balance. If the funds fall short of the actual repair costs, the insurance company will have to work directly with the shop you chose to make sure that the rest of the repair is paid in full.

If you are in need of an auto body shop in Walnut, CA that is willing to work with any insurance company to ensure that your car is taken care of as quickly as possible, give us a call at Pete’s Auto Body. We have been around for more than 25 years, and we have made it our goal to establish great relationships with both our customers and the insurance companies that represent them. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment so we can get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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