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What Pete’s Auto-Body Shop Can do for You and Your Ride in Yorba Linda.

This family-owned shop in Yorba Linda, Ca. offers a wide variety of services for your vehicle on a professional level. We offer auto paint services, dent repair, and other body stylizing. This shop can offer competitive prices and professional auto services. If you’re in the Yorba Linda area, and need your paint touched up, a dent removed, or other body repairs on your car, we are the body shop in Yorba Linda for you.

What Our Experts Will Do for You.

We can expertly apply new paint jobs or touch up old ones where needed. We can even hammer out dents better than any other body shop in Yorba Linda. We also offer glass repair, so that you are not left with a cracked windshield or window, so your hairstyle remains untouched. We can also apply decals to your heart’s desire. Any decals you’d like professionally placed, we can place.

Since 1991, Until Now.

 We have been giving fantastic service since 1991, and we offer our continued service to any customer, no matter the make or model of your vehicle. We also offer free estimates for our services, to get to know your vehicle, and ensure you leave with your vehicle better than when you brought it in to us. We take our services and your safety on the road seriously, and work to get you back on the road safely, but quickly, so you can get back to enjoying your stereos blasting.

Our Promise, and How We Ensure Our Work Remains Professional.

Even though our shop is family-run, our professionalism matches, if not exceeds, the professionalism of bigger car stores and body shops. If you come into our shop, you can rest assured that you will leave with your car secure, safe, and in better shape than it’s ever been in before.

We have a variety of offers and services readily available to you, so your car can be picked up looking good, and being absolutely safe. We want you to leave with it better than when we first lay eyes on it.

We Guarantee Great Service.

At Pete’s Auto Body Shop in Yorba Linda, Ca. we want your car to be a shining reflection of you, the owner. We want your car to look as great as you feel while driving it. We want you to have the smoothest, safest ride this side of the U.S.

We can guarantee that you’ll be met at our shop with friendly professionals who will not only get you car running again, but ensure it looks as fantastic as it runs. We want to serve your every automobile driven need, to get you back on the road as fast and as we possibly can, while maintaining a level of safety required both in the shop, and on the road. Our experts take every precaution necessary, while working on any automobile project. We don’t want anything less than your total satisfaction with our work.

Got a Dent? Need a New Paint Job? We Got You.

At Pete’s Auto Body Shop in Yorba Linda, our services include dent removal, paint jobs for those spots that need a touch-up, glass repair, so no one drives with a cracked windshield, and any normal repairs cars usually require every now and then. We offer these services on a n expert level, and professional customer service. We want your experience with us to be nothing short of pleasant. We invite you to bring in your car, give us your trust, and let us show you how a family-run business will rise above name-brand stores. As soon as you’ve sat with us and discussed your wants and needs, all you’ll have to do is sit back and let us handle the rest.

Pete’s Auto Body Shop is a professionally run, auto-smart shop that holds employees who know every little detail matters. We ensure that your car will be more than just up-to-scratch when we hand you your keys back. We want you to trust us when we tell you we have it covered. We want your continued safety on the road, and we want you to enjoy your car with pride as you drive away.

We can predict just how big your smile will be when we hand your car back over to you. Dents removed, paint re-applied and touched up, and that crack on your windshield fixed, will make your car look brand-new, and you will have a fresh start with your car. That’s the dream Pete’s Auto Body Shop in Yorba Linda has taken and made a reality.

Our Prices Can Not Be Matched.

While most other body shops will charge you an arm and a leg, Pete’s Auto Body Shop has competitive prices that are affordable, and expert work to rival any other shop, so you can have your car back, and afford to have the necessary repairs done. Once in place, you can drive like your old self again. Or new self, whichever makes you happy. That’s our goal at Pete’s Auto Body Shop, here in Yorba Linda, your total satisfaction and happiness with our business and your car.


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